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Vincent Tarisien: Timber

ECAL’s student Vincent Tarisien master project is a “playful and customisable” furniture range derived from his research on the combination of two materials: raw wood and bio resin.


Design / Vera Sacchetti


Design Parade 8

At the inaugural weekend of the Design Parade's eight edition, Mathieu Peyroulet Ghilini was chosen as the grand winner amongst the ten young designers in competition, with a project that derives from his fascination with Gio Ponti and the Superleggera chair.


Design / Vera Sacchetti

Printable futures

With the KamerMaker — a movable 3D printer pavilion — and a proactive approach, DUS architects seek to push the boundaries of this technology: in a co-creation process involving the community and multiple stakeholders, they propose 3D-printing an Amsterdam canal house, room by room.


Architecture / Vera Sacchetti


Tracking the impact of design

On the wake of the third edition of What Design Can Do — one of the northern hemisphere’s most interesting design events — conference director Richard van der Laken expands on the project's evolution and future ambitions.


Interviews / Vera Sacchetti


Art beacon in the Mediterranean

The open-air gallery of Mangiabarche is a conceptual exercise in contemporary art-making that proves the latent potential of the Mediterranean territory as a fertile ground for exchange and collaboration.


Art / Vera Sacchetti

Beyond Entropy Angola

The curators of the first Angola pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale discuss the ambitious model for urbanism in Africa proposed by the Beyond Entropy Angola installation, envisioning urban "green" in new, unexpected ways.


Interviews / Vera Sacchetti