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Dioramas in Paris

At Palais de Tokyo in Paris, the exhibition “Dioramas” – from the beginnning in the XVIII century to the contemporary artists’ ones – draws the history of one of the most fascinating viewing apparatus.


Art / Ivo Bonacorsi


Atelier Afrique

The exhibition “Art/Afrique, le nouvelle atelier” at Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris is based on Jean Pigozzi’s splendid collection, lent and exhibited on several occasions has become fundamental. Now it reveals how precious it is and not just for that continent.


Art / Ivo Bonacorsi

En toute chose

The new season at the Palais de Tokyo is focused on our relationship with “things”: the show aims to indentify contexts that orbit around the idea of the object without saying the actual word.


Art / Ivo Bonacorsi


Not Afraid of Love

Ivo Bonacorsi interviewed Maurizio Cattelan on the occasion of his show at the Monnaie de Paris, after the artist’s declaration that the exhibition at the Guggenheim would have been his last one.


Interviews / Ivo Bonacorsi


Le design en mouvement

Is on show at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, in Paris, a broad survey of Roger Tallon‘s work, well known for his work on moving objects and for the extreme coherence of his design.


Design / Ivo Bonacorsi

Man walking down the side of a building

The reprise at Fondation Cartier of Man walking down the side of a building, a 1970 Trisha Brown’s work, has underlined her relevance in the conceptual artistic discourse beyond the specificity of dance.


Art / Ivo Bonacorsi