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Pezo von Ellrichshausen: Exteriors

In Paris, an exhibition and a pavilion, the latter created with the French sculptor Christian Boltanski, showed the latest spatial explorations of the Chilean duo Mauricio Pezo and Sofia von Ellrichshausen.


Architecture / Giaime Meloni


Hélène Binet: Transitions

Characterised by extreme synthesis,  Hélène Binet’s photographic narration of architecture features in a new exhibition at the SOLO Galerie in Paris.


Architecture / Giaime Meloni

Takashi Homma

In his new book, the Japanese photographer Takashi Homma proposes an objective and comprehensive gaze into architecture and his investigations on space dating back to his early career. Each page offers an image and a fragment of the city’s reconstruction.


Reviews / Giaime Meloni


Bas Princen: Earth Pilar

In Bas Princen’s photos, each image is suspended within uncertain temporality between past and future; the present constitutes a moment of contemplation.


Photo-essays / Giaime Meloni


Noémie Goudal

With her images, Noémie Goudal constructs enigmatic work capable of introducing intimate and introspective questioning of our presence in cosmic space.


Art / Giaime Meloni

Circo de Ideias: Viagens

Through a series of travel notebook of some of most eminent figures in Portuguese architecture, Circolo de Ideais proposes a journey able to define the multiple identity of places.


Reviews / Giaime Meloni