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Mozzarella in a coach

Presented at the Venice Biennale, the book Mozzarella in carrozza recounts the friendship between Silvia Macchetto and 40 artists, invited to take part in a sumptuous imaginary banquet. #fridayreads


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Electronic Renaissance

We encountered Bill Viola at the Palazzo Strozzi exhibition retracing his entire career. He talks about his work and his relationship with Florence, where art is all-pervasive and becomes therapeutic.


Art / Beatrice Zamponi


In Rome, Annette Messager presents 15 works, some conceived for Villa Medici while others are among the most significant in her long career: a universe of small things, made up of everyday gestures and materials, often related to a feminine and intimate world.


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Robert Polidori

The Canadian photographer Robert Polidori talks about his recent artistic portraits: metropolises such as Amman, Mumbai and Rio de Janeiro, where urban sprawl has a spontaneous cellular structure.


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The intensity of the gaze

The American artist John Currin, who uses distorted forms to describe the reality, talks about his cultural references: from the photography of Carlo Mollino to paintings by Poussin.


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The Lasting

The first exhibition at the renovated Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea in Rome opens like a book and plays on a sort of duplicity, where the artworks seem to speak to one another about time.


Art / Beatrice Zamponi