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Shaping a sustainable digital democracy

While traditional technology has always led to the retrofitted type of city development, digital technology is an opportunity that we can actively seize to create built-in futurism.


Design / Dan Hill


Little Printer: A portrait in the nude

The product of over five years of applied research and development at London-based firm BERG, Little Printer is a product of now, exemplifying how physical and digital have merged to become one. Domus talked to BERG principal Jack Schulze to unpick the design process as much as the product.


Design / Dan Hill

An interview with Nicholas Felton

Accompanying our review of Facebook Timeline, Domus interviews lead designer Nicholas Felton about filtering the noise of social media and mirroring personal memory. Features exclusive early sketches of Timeline.


Interviews / Dan Hill


In praise of lost time

Facebook Timeline is an exemplary bit of interaction design that does little to advance the timeline formally. Yet it might alter the nature of human memory itself.


Design / Dan Hill


SuperNormal: Technology and Design

Domus inaugurates a new series of reviews, curated by Dan Hill, on the design of everyday technology.


Design / Dan Hill

Portable cathedrals

In the first article of a new series on the design of everyday technology, interaction designer Dan Hill reviews the Nokia N9 and asks: will it be enough to revive the declining fortunes of the Finnish giant?.


Design / Dan Hill