Current Issue: Domus 925


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Flavio Albanese. Fashion & Design

News, events, competitions, projects

Edited by Elena Sommariva

Domus Forum Design

Design during the Crisis. Graphic design and photography Onlab. Edited By Stefano Casciani Maria Cristina Tommasini

Soft Feelings

Three interpretations of confort through sofas. Design Diesel, Front, Naoto Fukasawa. Texts Naoto Fukasawa, Francesca Picchi

Truisms: Money creates taste

Starck and Holzer carve light and words out of Baccarat glass for Flos. Design Philippe Starck, Jenny Holzer. Text Stefano Casciani. Photos Piero Fasanotto

Tuyomyo Bench

Gehry’s experimentation with lightweight seating continues with a large “flying” bench. Design Frank o. Gehry. Text Maria Cristina Tommasini. Photos Mikio Semita

Crystallised wind

The space suspended between form and its absence for Lexus. Design Sou Fujimoto. Text Francesca Picchi. Photos Makoto Kawamoto

Norma at work

A new office armchair that combines intricate techno-functional apparatus with surprising visual lightness. Design Michele De Lucchi. Text Maria Cristina Tommasini. Photos Angelo Parsani

Office Hubs

Three ideas for furnishing workspaces with a single panorama: of offices for large numbers of staff. Design John Benett & Sakura Adachisi Design, Luca Nichetto, Egidio Panzera. Text Maria Cristina Tommasini. Photos Saverio Lombardi Vallauri, Nichetto & Partners

Anett Chair

A chair with a strong personality and a number of variants. Design Francesco Binfaré. Text Maria Cristina Tommasini. Photos Donato Di Bello

Light design punti di vista

Amid the uncertainties and difficulties of the economic crisis, a revolution is underway: the elimination of the incandescent bulb.

Battibius is back

Designed in 1959 by Caccia Dominioni, Battibius is back in the Azucena catalogue. Design Luigi Caccia Dominioni. Text Maria Cristina Tommasini. Photos Donato Di Bello

Garducho Biological Station, Portugal

In the countryside of the Alentejo region, an enigmatic presence surrounds a eucalyptus. Design João Maria Trindade Text Laura Bossi. Photos OLHA | Fotografia; André Carvalho, José Manuel Silva

Las Mercedes School, Colombia

An “open school” in Medellín: a public space for a better future. Design Juan Manuel Peláez Freidel. Text Camilo García, Diego Barajas. Photos Sergio Gómez

Public housing in La Mina del Morro, Bilbao

Europan 4 has led to the development of two residential quarters that compliment each other. Design Eduardo Belzunce, Luis Diaz-Mauriño, Juan García Millán. Francisco Burgos Ruiz, José María De Lapuerta. Text Veronica Scortecci. Photos Aitor Ortiz, Miguel De Guzmán

Security Innovation Lab in The Netherlands

A security research laboratory. Design, text Kingma Roorda architecten Photos Maarten Noordijk

The return to painting

Notes for the Venice Art Biennale 2009. Text by Daniel Birnbaum

Bart Van Der Heide. At cubitt

His curatorial experience exemplifies the potential and shortcomings of an innovative kind of gallery. Text Stefano Collicelli Cagol

Wish you were here

Four works of art talk about their travels, an experience that contributes to determining their “character”. Text Jennifer Allen

Richard Hawkins

A special project for Domus. Curated by Edoardo Bonaspetti

Art at work

A consciously collective artwork by Costa Vece captures the transformations that affect even the world of fashion. Text Flavio Albanese

Mark raidpere. Unravelling Identities

The space of the body as an elusive model, between isolation and social interaction. Luigi Fassi

Johanna Grawunder

Hella Jongerius

Plusdesign, Chapter 2

Laurence Humier

New Wind from Japan

Milanese singles

Ernesto Nathan Rogers’s private flat and a small bachelor flat in an attic created by Marco Zanuso. Texts Luigi Spinelli. Photos Archivi Domus

Fashion dreams

Young talents Mark Fast, Sandra Backlund, Rick Owens and Acne. Their alternative geography of the fashion system is meticulous and multicultural. Graphic Design onlab with Klas Ernflo. Edited by Mariuccia Casadio, Elena Sommariva. Texts Mariuccia Casadio

Does beauty still exist?

The scattered city. Graphic design from 1950 to today. Science and art of engineering. Edited by Gianmario Andreani

Rassegna: Edilizia consapevole

Materials and solutions. Edited by Maria Cristina Tommasini