Current Issue: Domus 917


Tess Hurrell, Nest series (2005)


Flavio Albanese. In praise of saprophytes

News, events, competitions, projects

Edited by Elena Sommariva

Intersections: “Out there: architecture beyond building” 11. Mostra Internazionale di Architettura, Biennale di Venezia

Edited by Rita Capezzuto. Design tomato – Simon Taylor, John Warwicker. Texts F. Albanese, A. Betsky, F. Delogu, F. von Bories and M. Böttger [Raumtaktik], J. Ishigami, F. Garofalo, M. Casciato, G. Caudo, G. Mastrigli, M. Ritchie, B. Aranda & C. Lasch

’68 in Venice

Nineteen hundred and sixty-eight: after May 18 in Paris, June 18 at the Biennale. Texts Lisa Ponti, Luigi Spinelli. Photos Ugo Mulas, Archivi Domus

Fabio Novembre

An exhibition and 16 opinions on the work of the neo-eclectic designer.

Showroom in New York

A building sliced in two. Design Junya Ishigami+Associates. Text Florian Idenburg

House N in Japan

The house with an inner core protected by a system of shells. Design Sou Fujimoto Architects. Text Julian Worrall

Art cave in the Napa Valley

In California’s Napa Valley, a contemporary art collection housed in a cave. Design Bade Stageberg Cox. Text Rymund Ryan

The call of the wild

Jensen and Skodvin create a second artificial nature for wellness. Design Jensen & Skodvin. Text Stefano Casciani

Cafa Art Museum, Beijing

The organic design of Arata Isozaki’s new art museum in Beijing. Design Arata Isozaki & Associates. Text Brendan McGetrick

Ipogeo metrico

In Milan, an underground space carved out to catch and reflect light like a diamond. Design Attilio Stocchi, Gino Guarnirei. Texts Beppe Finessi, Attilio Stocchi

Education in Ørestad College

A school rooted in a potent context of new urbanism. Design 3XN. Texts Stefano Casciani

Switch Building, New York

In Manhattan, a building symptomatic of gentrification on the Lower East Side. Design nARCHITECTS, Eric Bunge, Mimi Hoang. Texts Laura Bossi

Futura domus specimen for a typographic experiment

Notes on the genetics of the new font designed for Domus. Design, text Jerome Rigaud, Electronest

Young gifted design

Young designers: a selection of projects design schools. Design ECAL, Design Academy Eindhoven, Saic, SPD, Rids, Unitec, Domus Konstfack, Fabrica , Royal Collage of Art, Accademia Mendrisio. Text Maria Cristina Tommasini

Iris chromatic tables

An unusual series of tables for Established & Sons. Design Barberosgerby - Ed Barber, Jay Osgerby. Text Lucy Bullivant

Internet of things

A virtual tour in the world of new “sentient” objects that Bruce Sterling calls “spime”. Text Stefania Garassini

B2, a mobile kitchen

Poetical analysis as a method of design research: a project for Bulthaup. Design Eoos - Martin Bergman, Gernot Bohman, Harald Gruendl. Text Maria Cristina Tommasini

Civilisation and its discontents

REN, the latest visionary work by Barney & Bepler. A preview for Domus. Design Matthew Barney, Jonathan Bepler. Text Louise Neri

Notes on multiplicity (for the Venice Biennale 2009)

A look at the next International Art Exhibition in Venice. Text Daniel Birnbaum


An anti-white-cube space for the Zero... Gallery in Milan. Text Caroline Corbetta

Reykjavík arts

Every three years, the Arts Festival enlivens Reykjavík and many other Icelandic cities. Text Cecilia Alemani

Manifesta 7

A report on the Art Biennale in the mountain valleys of Trentino-Alto Adige. Text Caroline Corbetta

Arte & macchina

A young curator reinterprets the man-machine relationship represented in art. Text Francesco Stocchi

Hannes Wettstein 1958-2008

La stanza nel bosco

Water for life


1960s’ utopias. Radical utopias. Italian design: the long goodbye. Landscapes of social control. Edited by Gianmario Andreani

Rassegna: Books and furniture

Ideas for furnishing. Edited by Maria Cristina Tommasini