Current Issue: Domus 915


Daryl Banks is a fashion photographer, but she adds to it.


Flavio Albanese. With democracy enclosed

News, events, competitions, projects

Edited by Elena Sommariva

Building in West Africa

Three projects that don’t betray the traits of local identity. Design Emilio Caravatti, Matteo Caravatti, Africabougou. Texts Emilio Caravatti , Francesca Picchi Ryue Nishizawa

Contro il degrado

The Japanese architect has firmly addressed the context of Towada, a town at risk of vanishing. Design Ryue Nishizawa. Text Florian Idenburg


An original model of “collective housing” for an elite group of users, in the Seijo townhouses in Tokyo. Design Kazuyo Sejima. Texts Stefano Casciani, Kazuyo

Indipendence Day

In Ljubljana, Slovenia, a rereading of the country’s recent history through the design of a residential complex. Design Enota. Text Laura Bossi

The new Museion in Bolzano

Displaying and experiencing art in an unusual type. Design Ksv - Krüger Schuberth Vandreike. Text Sebastiano Brandolini

Opera Prima

Among the trees of a forest in Bennekom, The Netherlands, a bleached structure that rests on the terrain like a sculpture. Design Powerhouse Company. Text Giampiero Sanguigni

Architettura come chirurgia

Seven young portuguese architects cross their wires in Tomar’s old town centre to create an interesting short circuit. Design Embaixada Arquitectura. Text Bert De Muynck

Stairways to heaven

An ascension-driven interior created from an untidy stack of layered spaces. Design Laura Peretti. Text Stefano Casciani

Simon Starling

In Turin, Starling and Noero stage a fresh short circuit of correspondences between architectural places and memory. Design Civico13 Texts Marcella Beccaria, Gian Domenico Sozzi

Limited Edition

Working without the restrictions of market laws and production logic. Design H. Jongerius, G. Lynn, F. & H. Campana, N. Fukasawa, J. Seymour, P. Marigold, L. Ovalle, Dotdotdot, P. Chiasera, E. Sighiceli, V. Ravara, Vedovamazzei. Texts Maria Cristina Tommasini


Four pairs of shoes that defy the clichés of classic models: the result of a collaboration with John Lobb. Design Doshi Levien Text Loredana Mascheroni

Salone 2008

New products presented during the 2008 Milan Furniture Fair. Design Dominique Perault, Gaëlle Lauriot - Prévost, Jens Praet, Massimiliano Adami, Richard Hutten , Nendo, Exyzt, Tobias Lehmann. Evelien Val K, Johan Linton. Texts Maria Cristina Tommasini


From the Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main. Text Daniel Birnbaum

Gregor Schneider

Or the obsession with private and inner space. Text Francesco Bonami

The free-press phenomenon

A threat or an enrichment to the press market, one free from conditionings? Text Francesco Bonami

Berlin art Biennial

The German kermess reads the defeat of formalism in the light of an unprecedented anthropological exploration. Text and photos Chiara Leoni

Production Anxiety

Arakawa, Tajima and Beltrán fight the anxiety around artistic activity by adopting a new temporal approach. Text Gary Carrion-Murayari

Domus & La Biennale di Venezia: Partners for the 11th International Architecture Exhibition

Design at school: Freie Universität Bozen

Spazio e architettura

A documentary film by Carlo Bassi and Angelo Mangiarotti. Text Luigi Spinelli

Security. The spaces of surveillance

Edited by Rita Capezzuto. Design tomato – Simon Taylor, John Warwicker. Texts Zygmunt Bauman, Silvio Ciappi, Irene Curulli, Fondazione Michelucci.


The endles city. The advancing city. A vital organ. Isgrò’s writings. One of Team 10. The Eameses’ story. Constructing the landscape. Edited by Gianmario Andreani

Rassegna: Office

Ideas for fitting out the office in a creative and communicative way. Edited by Maria Cristina Tommasini