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Pavillon d’Eau

As a final project of the EPFL school, a temporary pavilion stood for over one month in the Lake Geneva, questioning about ornamentation, structure, limits and relationships to the site.





Capri’s swimming pools

With a long sequence of details, the polaroids of Giovanna Silva map out the most famous swimming pools on the island of Capri. The end result is a single place, made of many different pools.


Photo-essays / Giovanna Silva

Conference room

Designed By Bernard Desmoulin Architecte in Le Vaumain, France, a humble conference room stands back, paying a tribute to the natural beauty surrounding it.




Best of #water

Seen as inspiration or as a healing landscape: discover the best stories about our first element.




Thames River Water

Ivorypress in Madrid presents an exhibition on British artist Marc Quinn, showcasing works that explore the human relationship with nature, with sculptural books and paintings.



Flying water

The inner garden of a house for the elderly in Vienna was made ‘accessible’ by bringing water up to those residents who cannot move, in a coreography by mischer’traxler.