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Ars Electronica Prize

The winners of this year’s Ars Electronica Prize challenge perceptions, perspectives, digital obsessions bringing to the surface hidden worlds and social issues.




The Breakfast Pavilion

The curatorial project at A plus A, in Venice, aims to merge the worlds of art and design, overthrowing the usual boundaries of each discipline. #BiennaleArte2017



Unveiling the Unseen

“Unveiling the Unseen” is a sensorial interpretation of the city of canals, created in collaboration with people who are blind or visually impaired. #BiennaleArte2017




A sonic meditation

At the Teatro dell’Arte in Milan, eclectic composer Ferdinando Arnò presents a 50-minute composition, Entrainment, which refers to the meditative concept, and law of physics. #MDW2017




The party was yesterday

Mario García Torres recovers the memory of the 60s’ Dynamic Museum, where artists took over some unconventional houses by Manuel Larrosa in Mexico City.



Xmas at Museion

Swiss artist John Armleder is lighting up Christmas with a light performance and projections on the Museion facade in Bolzano, Italy.