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Knowledge commons

How can we take advantage of the vast wealth of knowledge that circulates around the web? Media anthropologist Stefana Broadbent recounts two different approaches: the “extractive” used by Amazon Mechanical Turk, and the collaborative one of Wikipedia, “Fix my street” and “If you want to”.


Interviews / Stefania Garassini


SOS, a school focused on the future

In Bari, the ambitious project of an open-source school will be a social space of aggregation and education where knowledge is boosted by the osmosis of different skills.


Design / Paolo Valente

Vertical Plotter

Carlo Ratti’s Vertical Plotter is a small device able to generate a variety of graphics outputs, transforming every wall into a low refresh rate screen.




Play Fruit Templates

Mr Printables creates a series of templates to make paper fruits to be used by kids in their play kitchen or grocery stand, as well as to decorate their room.




The future is here

Curated by Alec Newson to shed light on the transformations of the “third industrial revolution”, the new Design Museum’s exhibition is about the winners, not the losers, of today’s technologies.


Design / Catharine Rossi

A visit to the Arduino factories

A visit to the production facilities of the Arduino platform — in the same hills that gave birth to Olivetti — reveals how a genuine and innovative "made in Italy" product is rendered possible by exploring old and new business models.


Design / Alice Mela