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IED for Domus

This year, during the Milan design week, Domus has entrusted its Instagram profile to the photography students of IED Milan: we selected the best photographs.  


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A sofa-bed, tables and chairs for outdoor use are the latest additions to the product range for the “factory network” coordinated by Giulio Iacchetti. #MDW2017


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Piemme + Tacchini

Ceramiche Piemme and Tacchini present their new products together: new tiles by Pierre Charpin, a modular sofa by Pearson Lloyd and a small table by Gordon Guillaumier. #MDW2017


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A proper wooden chair for Mattiazzi

Konstantin Grcic has focused on a wooden chair for Mattiazzi giving rise via a radical and uncompromising design to a skilfully constructed wooden chair that is almost austere in its geometric rigour. #MDW2017


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Copper, a woman’s metal

Seven women designers explore copper, a material commonly associated with masculine imagery, interpreting its narrative potential. #MDW2017


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Philippe Tabet

A Frenchman working in Milan, Philippe Tabet is a new name to look out for. At the #MDW2017 he is presenting several designs – for Plust, Infiniti and Pianca – plus an innovative alarm clock for Lexon.


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