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Microsoft Pavilion

For the 2014 Winter Olympic games in Sochi Nowadays created the Microsoft Technology Pavilion as a public space, distributing the different functions around a multilevel courtyard.




Meteorite Shoes

Inspired by the rocks that have fallen from space, the shoes created by Studio Swine transform the meteorite shapes into a pair of high heels made of aluminium foam and Italian leather.



Designs of the Year '13

The Design Museum has shortlisted over 90 projects for its annual award, across seven categories: Architecture, Digital, Fashion, Furniture, Graphics, Product and Transport. The winner will be announced in April.



The New Google+ Approach

Google's new integrated search engine and social network means a comeback for closed-network systems – an option that has never previously paid off.


Op-ed / Stefania Garassini


Open Source Design 01: The architects of information

The architecture of John Young and Deborah Natsios is made of information. Their portfolio:, which hosts thousands of suppressed and classified documents.


Interviews / Joseph Grima