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The book edited by Samuel Bianchini and Erik Verhagen marks the centrality of relational practices in art, whose roots can be traced back to the 60s, and underlines how the most recent artistic practices aim to create a new and direct relationship with the public.


Reviews / Marco Petroni


Written in Smoke and Fire

On show at MIT List in Cambridge, Edgar Arceneaux reflects on cultural and personal memory and is informed by the belief that all systems of knowledge are contingent.



Ethan Hayes-Chute

Hayes-Chute’s work, on show at MIT List, reflect a “DIY” approach to architecture and technology, and investigate processes of labor, production, and redistribution.




Designs for life

Published in English, Ezio Manzini’s new book is “an Italian contribution to the international conversation”, marking a continuity with the success of national and social dimension of design.


Reviews / Raffaella Poletti



Designed by Urban Risk Lab and Lincoln Laboratory at MIT, the PREPHub is a prototype for a new kind of urban infrastructure designed to increase disaster resilience.



Make it new

The book by Barry M. Katz, published by MIT Press with foreword by John Maeda, reconstructs the unique story of the formation and development of the social and cultural system with the world’s highest designer density. And debunks some myths.


Reviews / Marco Petroni