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Tomás Saraceno in Zurich

Tomás Saraceno’s realizable utopia inspired by physical and biological phenomena and his “more-than-human” dwellings are on show in Zurich at the Museum Haus Konstruktiv.




Aerosolar Journeys

The exhibition at Wilhelm Hack Museum, in Ludwigshafen, is the first comprehensive presentation of the latest of Tomás Saraceno’s visions: Aerocene, the Air era.



The Swiss nomad

An exhibition at Villa Ciani recounts the work of Swiss photographer Peter W. Häberlin, which would never have come to light had it not been for the photographic book Yallah, with texts by Paul Bowles.


Art / Laura Bossi


Sailors, mermaids and the depths

Unfinished Journeys, in Norway's Nasjonalmuseet, approaches the theme of the journey from a variety of angles; but the water-related pieces are the most powerful and memorable part of the show.


Art / Ludovico Centis


Journeys: architecture and migrations

The latest exhibition at the CCA in Montréal shows how the increasingly easy (or difficult) flow of objects and people can impact architecture and urban design.


Architecture / Text Lucy Bullivant