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America Deserta Revisited: New York to Baltimore

A UK architecture critic takes the measure of US design and infrastructure during trying times in the first installment of a cross-country series.


Architecture / Tom Keeley

Cronocaos at the New Museum

In OMA's exhibition, preservation becomes a platform for a wider debate around the dilemma of the architectural profession.


Architecture / Michael Holt,Marissa Looby

Contested Mobility, Future Cities, and Public Light

At the recent Festival of Ideas for the New City, an account of its major events, DrawThinkTank: Emerging Territories of Movement, Audi Urban Futures Initiative, and Flash:Light.


Architecture / Gideon Fink Shapiro


Festival of Ideas for the New City

A multifaceted event in lower Manhattan aims for new models of culture in the city, including powerhouse panels, events and a street fair.




Family and PlayLab win StreetFest tent competition

Two New York studios bring a colorful, flexible tent concept to the Festival of Ideas for the New City that re-envisions the standard outdoor event space.