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States of Design 03: Thinkering

Some thoughts on the links between DIY and open source: how thinkering makes contemporary design efficient, elegant and environmentally responsible.


Design / Paola Antonelli


Critical Playground

The Factoría Joven by selgascano is a striking Chinese dragon that injects life into the city's outskirts and counters urban desertification.


Architecture / Pedro Gadanho

Open Source Design 03: RoboCop: The Monument

Can open source play a role in urban planning? Launched on Kickstarter, the proposal to erect a monument to RoboCop has received support from thousands of people worldwide.


Architecture / Nate Berg


Open Source Design 02: WikiLeaks Guide/Critical Infrastructure

Mapping the discontinuous spatiality of the contemporary nation-state through the publication of the secret government memo listing 259 facilities around the world considered crucial to everyday life in the US.


Architecture / Geoff Manaugh


Open Source Design 01: The architects of information

The architecture of John Young and Deborah Natsios is made of information. Their portfolio:, which hosts thousands of suppressed and classified documents.


Interviews / Joseph Grima

Artworld Beehive

In a city characterised by glaring social inequalities and a deep-rooted love for museums, a new, free-entry cultural icon designed by Fernando Romero recently joined the skyline.


Architecture / Pedro Reyes