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Antiroom II

A white temple floating on Malta blue sea: with this project Elena Chiavi, Ahmad El Mad and Matteo Goldoni want to go beyond the concept of time.




Between public and private: the Syrian crisis as seen from Beirut

Beirut, with its multi-polar geography, remains a theatre of conflict and local micro-wars; it is a city in need of a new housing policy – as the Syrian refugee crisis has revealed.


Op-ed / Stefano Corbo

Casa Bonjardim

Using a light steel structure, ATKA arquitectos restored a ruined house in Porto, accommodating a simple single housing program through overlapping discontinuous floors.




Tag clock

Hiroaki Matsuyama designed a clock that can be positioned everywhere: hanging it or sticking it with a small piece of tape thank to its extraordinary lightweight.




Flint House

Skene Catling de la Peña responds to a site in Waddesdon, a large estate in Buckinghamshire, with a building generated from a neolithic material, the geology and the immediate ecosystem.




Yellow and red-painted pipelines add a touch of coulour to this industrial space designed by Renesa Architecture Studio for a pizza chain restaurant in New Delhi.