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How I lost my shoes

When building proper housing for poor populations, technology can be found all around us, if only we know where to look. Often architects seem to have the answers, but that does not mean we have asked the right questions.


Op-ed / Johan van Lengen



At Rivington Place, a group exhibition by photographers and lens-based artists examines the condition of Roma people in Europe and its surroundings.



DTA: Sticks concept

Mirco Tardio and Caroline Djurice allow a series of wooden sticks to fall into unused green areas in and around Paris: the resulting aggregations form unexpected micro-nurseries.




Sarea Architecture: French Embassy

The new French embassy in China is a 20,000 square metre building with a garden at its heart. Architect Alain Sarfati used the cardinal directions as the points of reference to govern design choices.




Evaporated spaces

Chronobiology, whose principles Swiss architect Philippe Rahm has been studying and testing for years, is applied here to a domestic environment distinguished by its different climatic identities that harmonise with those of the client.


Architecture / Alexandra Midal