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Giuseppe Gurrieri: Ecobar

At the edge of the periphery of a Siclian city, in an urban void, the old ticket office of the sports center becomes a bistro thanks to a low-cost project.




DCS House

An old dairy building in the center of Ragusa, Sicily, becomes a house thanks to Giuseppe Gurrieri and Valentina Giampiccolo’s  “emptying” operation of its interior.



Poblenou House

Refurbishing an apartment in Barcelona CAVAA arquitectes focused on the courtyard, transforming a residual, dark and forgotten space in the new center of the house.




Z! Zingonia, Mon Amour

“Z! Zingonia, Mon Amour” is the title of the exhibition by Argot ou La Maison Mobile and Marco Biraghi devoted to Zingonia, on view at Monditalia.




Barceló-Balanzó Arquitectes: CEIP Sant Roc

Schools are not simply collective architecture they gauge the drive behind local government, as demonstrated by the Barceló and Balanzó project in Olot.


Architecture / Laura Bossi

MAR office: Filo Art Bar

Close to one of the city's canals, the Italian architecture and research studio has completed a multipurpose space incorporating an art gallery and bar dominated by an interactive, movable element, which constantly redefines the interior.