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Kona-shoyu container

Nendo designed a container for a new tipe of powdered soya seasoning conceived and served in a Japanese restaurant in Kyoto.





With the aim to create an open and approachable atmosphere, the resaturant by Alts Design Office features Kyoto’s traditional colors materials and ornaments.



Newtown House

The Newtown house in Kyoto designed by Kohei Yukawa and Hiroto Kawaguchi, features a central open and continuous space that has floors and steps at various levels.




MTRL Kyoto

Fumihiko Sano – Studio Phenomenon renewed a coworking and office space in Kyoto, Japan, embracing the original charm of the old building.




Cheese tart bakery

Yusuke Seki designed the interiors of a bakery in the heart of Kyoto, using traditional Shitaji-Mado frames and lego, taking the ‘local’ to the ‘global’.



366 Kashiracho

Renewing a late nineteenth century building in Kyoto, NAAD designed the reception area of a guesthouse, Kaikoan, and created a new space for a costume rental shop.