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High Bois Lane House

T-sa and Charlie Luxton redesign of a 1960s’ house in Buckinghamshire, is a metaphor for an approach to the interpretation and diffusion of architectural knowledge.


Architecture / Laura Bossi


Flavio Castro: Planalto House

A domestic architecture in a suburb of São Paulo, Brazil, creates an intersection between private
and public spaces and activities.


Architecture / Laura Bossi

Barceló-Balanzó Arquitectes: CEIP Sant Roc

Schools are not simply collective architecture they gauge the drive behind local government, as demonstrated by the Barceló and Balanzó project in Olot.


Architecture / Laura Bossi


GAC: Masoro Village Project

General Architecture Collaborative believes everyone has a right to good design and to master the technology required to build their own environment.


Architecture / Laura Bossi


A return to the origins: the Armungia rugs

Casa Lussu’s textile products are not simply craftworks but the result of a project mixing contemporary and traditional.


Design / Laura Bossi

MMBB and H+F: Jardim Edith

The project for the Jardim Edith complex in São Paulo tells the story of how an association rescued the identity of a threatened residential zone.


Architecture / Laura Bossi