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Small giants

The “ancient future” of the Made in Italy reveals some Italian companies like Cangiari and Taroni, and how their entrepreneurship is linked to local territories full of memories and secrets.


Design / Chiara Alessi


Philippe Tabet

A Frenchman working in Milan, Philippe Tabet is a new name to look out for. At the #MDW2017 he is presenting several designs – for Plust, Infiniti and Pianca – plus an innovative alarm clock for Lexon.


Interviews / Chiara Alessi

Marco Romanelli

Marco Romanelli talks about projects with Marta Laudani, Hands on Design from Japan and da a from Italy mong others, that explore craft incorporated into an expanded distribution and media chain. #MDW2017


Interviews / Chiara Alessi


Sunday writings

The book by Alessandro Mendini is a mass of thoughts, letters, messages, interviews and incursions: some of the most interesting lines produced in design literature over the last hundred years.


Reviews / Chiara Alessi


Richard Sapper

Edited by Jonathan Olivares, this book is a kind of design story, that contains everything about Sapper. Rather than flicking though it, it is a book to be read. Better still, studied.


Reviews / Chiara Alessi

Albergo Diurno Venezia

At Milan Design Week (and miart) one of the places most acclaimed by specialists and the public was the Albergo Diurno Venezia underneath Piazza Oberdan, opened with the support of FAI. #MDW2016


Salone 2016 / Chiara Alessi