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Eclisse ECLISSE Syntesis® Luce Counterframe for single doors without jambs

  • Collection: ECLISSE Syntesis®
  • Type: Counterframe for single doors without jambs
  • Design year: 2012
  • ECLISSE Syntesis® Luce combines the integrated structure of the Syntesis® profile without jambs with a box-frame fitted with wiring conduits, so that the wall in which the counterframe fits can have light points, switches, dimmer controls, sockets and thermostats. Designed to obtain an absolute cleanliness of the lines, simultaneously with the installation of various electrical devices such as light points, on / off controls or sockets. Up to 10 electrical boxes can be applied per door.From the absence of pre-established stylistic constraints it is possible to interpret spaces with a new use of color, surfaces, decorations and materials, to allow everyone to define a vital context where interior design takes on highly personal notes, vibrant and full of meaning. The casing we live in can be refined by finishes, such as walls and doors, which meet the most modern criteria of functionality, capable of that elegant camouflage that amplifies the aesthetics and meaning of furnishings and volumes. This is why ECLISSE has created the Syntesis® Collection, a new concept of wall, a complete design element, which creates authentic expressive spaces, to be interpreted with the eloquence of color, or with the mimetic discretion of white. The ECLISSE Syntesis® Collection includes sliding systems without external frames, solutions for flush-wall hinged doors, and an innovative baseboard profile, in a complete and modular system for the design of completely smooth walls. A complete design vision, with conversing technologies that are perfectly integrated with each other and into the wall, which provides the products and techniques for the creation of surfaces with a secure aesthetic and functional result.

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Pieve di Soligo / Italy

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