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MAPEI MAPESEPT LIQUID Detergent and sanitizing liquid for hands and small surfaces

  • Type: Detergent and sanitizing liquid for hands and small surfaces
  • Mapesept Liquid is a detergent and sanitizing liquid for hands and small areas of surfaces for domestic use. WHERE TO USE Mapesept Liquid is a hydroalcoholic detergent and sanitizing liquid with a special formula that rapidly cleans and sanitizes hands. After using the liquid, the skin remains soft and sanitized with a pleasant fragrance. Also suitable for cleaning small areas of surfaces resistant to alcohol for domestic use. Thanks to its special formulation, Mapesept Liquid is able to clean and to remove quickly and effectively every type of potentially harmful substance present on the skin and on the surfaces that may be touched. Mapesept Liquid requires no water or rinsing and is a practical solution whenever hands need to be cleaned thoroughly and quickly: both at home and outside the home, when working on building sites, at work etc. and for sanitizing small surfaces resistant to alcohol, both in domestic and professional environments such as ceramic kitchen countertops, tables, ceramic floors, desktops, in compliance with the guidelines of the Italian Ministry for Health. The product contains more than 65% of alcohol, glycerine as an emollient and lemon scent. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Mapesept Liquid is a cleaning and sanitizing liquid that contains more than 65% ethyl alcohol as functional ingredient and hydrogen peroxide (in compliance with the WHO guidelines). Alcohol is a solvent whose excellent and rapid sanitizing action is based on the denaturation and coagulation of the proteins of the pathogenic microorganisms. Thanks to its nourishing and emollient properties, Mapesept Liquid sanitizes the skin of the hands and avoids cracking. Since Mapesept Liquid contains alcohol, it does not need to be rinsed off after application.

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