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Catellani & Smith TRENTA LIMITED NUMBERED EDITION LED table lamp cordless

  • Type: LED table lamp cordless
  • Materials: Metal , Glass , Brass , Iron , Burnished Iron , Borosilicate glass
  • Trenta is a lamp, made in a numbered and limited edition, which celebrates the light bulb and the first thirty ‘light-years’ of Catellani & Smith. 1989 the origins When, in 1989, Enzo Catellani decided to found Catellani & Smith, he only considered the light bulb. “The lamp doesn’t make the light, the light bulb does. The bulb gives shape to that light” was something he said over and over again. Over these past thirty years, the light bulb has undergone various transformations, up to its latest evolution, the LED, whose enormous potential Enzo Catellani was immediately able to envision. New forms, unimaginable before, have been shaped by his creativity. This is how Trenta was born; a lamp that celebrates the light bulb, new technologies and the first thirty “light-years” of Catellani & Smith. Held lit in your hands, Trenta reveals its magical power. Just imagine, you can now bring light to places you were unable to before, screwed to its pedestal or simply set down where otherwise there would only be darkness. Trenta is here, in your home, waiting for you to remember her, and what she is capable of doing. In the meantime, she puts on a fine display. She knows she’s important. She knows she is a tribute to the shape of light. After being presented at Euroluce Lighting exhibition in April 2019, Trenta goes into production in a limited and numbered edition (500 pieces). Purchase orders will be processed from 01.11.2019. "The lamp doesn’t make the light, the light bulb does. The bulb gives shape to that light." Enzo Catellani It is an exquisite object, made in a numbered, limited edition. A numbered, limited edition is an issue of a limited number of copies, in this case 500 pieces, which are numbered in progressive order, with the number found on a permanent label positioned under the base of the lamp. The uniqueness of each lamp is guaranteed by a certificate of authenticity, the original of which is signed by Enzo Catellani. Datasheet Materials and colours borosilicate glass bulb with brass-coated cover (untreated) with magnetic closure; E27 screw made from solid brass; pedestal made of burnished and treated iron 1x 1W LED / K 2700 / CRI 80 Power supply Li-iON 3,7V 1180 mA/h battery USB charger 110/240V input - 5V@1.2 A output on/off switch.

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