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Lema EMERY | Wardrobe with sliding doors Wardrobe with sliding doors

  • Collection: Armadio al centimetro - Hinged
  • Type: Wardrobe with sliding doors
  • Materials: Wood
  • Design year: 2017
  • LEMA’s DNA is bound, from the very beginning, to the production of made-to-measure systems for day and night areas that are reinvented each year with new details. Armadio al Centimetro Wardrobe, the modular system that offers utmost building freedom, is enriched with the new EMERY wardrobe. Defined by a vertical slim metallic profile, EMERY by Officinadesign LEMA is characterised by refined doors in back-painted acid-etched glass. This special treatment suggests a door surface that is matte, and extremely smooth and soft to the touch, discreetly concealing the bright interiors finished in new Canvas melamine that has a delicate fabric-effect texture. EMERY also features wide-ranging internal equipment offering multiple combinations for any need: drawer units, display cases for trousers, belts and shoes. Shelf and hanging rail with a built-in light, not forgetting precious details in leather and fabric such as mats for drawers and boxes for shirt compartments. Modularity and customisation are the key words of “Armadio al centimetro” made-to-measure wardrobe, Lema’s historic project that offers utmost freedom in terms of design and personalisation. In fact, since 1981, thanks to Lema, the wardrobe is a modular custom-system that in addition to the guarantee of an industrial production, it combines attention to details typical of an accurate handicraft culture. A product in constant development, focused on utmost flexibility: first of all in terms of sizes, but also in terms of models, materials, components, finishes, accessories and equipment. The design develops around basic modules that can be adapted in height, width and depth, consisting of structures and panels: hinged, folding, sliding and aligned. Four ways to decorate an environment thought not only to be neat, but to be a pleasant space dedicated to each individual and the most personal objects. For this reasons, Lema wardrobes combine great attention to design and aesthetics to search of utmost functionality, for a person-oriented home. There are numerous panels that can be chosen from the catalogue and an assorted selection of finishes: 21 hinged panels, 9 sliding panels, 2 aligned panels; 17 glossy lacquered colours and 41 matt lacquered colours, essences in thermally-treated oak, carbon oak and tobacco oak, glass and mirror, leather and hide. The selection of interior equipment is also assorted, that ranges from drawer units to the glass vanity to store belts and ties; extractable trousers, undergarments and shoe racks; and the shelf with built-in light and luminous side strip. Thus, without any design restrictions, “Armadio al Centimetro” wardrobe turns into endless closets, each with a different taste and personal elegance.

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Alzate Brianza / Italy

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