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ARBLU TULIP | Soap dish Soap dish / Squeegee for shower

  • Collection: Tulip
  • Type: Soap dish / Squeegee for shower
  • Materials: Composite Material , Acrylic stone , Tecnoblu
  • Box with squeegee Tulip A particular comfort: the shower space can be further enriched with comfort and functionality. The Tulip collection by Arblu is composed  by elements that distinguish themselves for their original Italian design, the functionality and the facility of installation; a few tools are in fact needed to install them in our own bathroom. The collection is formed by  two basins, a bathtub, a consolle, a turning column, two shelves, a towels rack, a cart on wheels and an hook. The material that Arblu has used for the realization of the structures of these important complements is the painted metal, very resistant, anti-scratch, easy to clean and that doesn't modify in time. It is, above all, a material that perfectly matches with Tecnoblu, irreplaceable trademark of the firm, that had so much success in the segment of the bathroom furnishing. The Tecnoblu is a very resistant and renewable material, homogeneous, not porous and not treated with varnishes. Its principal characteristics are the resistance to the stains, the resistance to high temperatures, thermal shocks and changes of tonality by contact with water or liquid. It is easily besides renewable in case of scratches or superficial stains with products that can be found in any market.

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