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Lema MADDOX Bed double bed

  • Type: Bed double bed
  • Materials: Leather , Tanned Leather , Wood
  • Designers: Leonardo Dainelli
  • Design year: 2019
  • Leonardo Dainelli is freely inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s flying machines, where wooden boards and sails fit together to create entirely new combinations and various functionalities for a rigorous yet elegant design. The soul of Maddox is the suggestive dialogue between wood and leather: an aerial bed with heat-treated oak-tinted ashwood and headboard sewn in structural light leather with double front cushioning covered in fabric or leather. Protagonist of the sleeping area, designed also for room-centre use, it is defined by its contemporary character, however it is able to keep the value of a profound memory in manufacture alive.

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Alzate Brianza / Italy

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