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Lema LEMA AIR CLEANING SYSTEM Air Cleaning System for wardrobes

  • Type: Air Cleaning System for wardrobes
  • The first to launch a free-standing wall system and then a tailored configuration like Armadio al Centimetro, Lema today claims another first:  the innovative and patented LEMA Air Cleaning System, which will revolutionise the concept of the wardrobe, making it play for the first time an active role in sanitizing clothing, footwear and any other object contained in it. We spend a great deal of our busy daily lives in environments outside our homes, in places such as offices, public transport, shopping centers, restaurants, hotels and gyms, where the quality of air is poor due to inadequate recycling: bacteria, allergens, molds, carbon monoxide, particulate matter that permeate our clothing generating bad odors. Mindful of this intense contemporary lifestyle, Lema directs ever-greater attention to its clients, focusing on improving our well-being. The result of more than twelve months of research and a world exclusive, the LEMA Air Cleaning System, positioned discreetly at the top of the wardrobe, uses nanotechnology and a special UV lamp to generate a photochemical reaction that naturally destroys pollutants, bacteria and mold, purifying the inside of the wardrobe and eliminating until 90% of bad odours emanating from the stored clothing and footwear. The LEMA Air Cleaning System uses patented Photocatalytic Oxidation technology, a technique used to purify aerospace environments, where one of the main issues is precisely the quality and cleanliness of the air, and is also widely used in hospitals, medical and food environments. Benefits Destruction of bacteria Reduction odors until 90% Reduction of airborne particulate matter Application The Lema Air Cleaning System is available for the 432-478-570-889-981-1165 mm units, or hinged, and sliding doors. The diffuser is available in two finishes: bronze-painted and sand-painted. The shelf connected to the diffuser is available with or without the “stripe” light.

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Alzate Brianza / Italy

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