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Lema BULÈ Round reconstructed marble table with Lazy Susan

  • Type: Round reconstructed marble table with Lazy Susan
  • Materials: Composite Material , Reconstructed Stone
  • Designers: Chiara Andreatti
  • Design year: 2018
  • East meets West in the BULÈ table by Chiara Andreatti, the perfect example of Lema’s increasingly international profile, which also sees the company expanding in the Far East. Indeed, the project has been designed with a particular attention to the social and cultural requirements of the oriental markets. The revolving tray placed on the table top is the epitome of oriental culinary culture and modernity, based on the ethos of openness and sharing. With its harmonious and stylistically generous forms, BULÈ stands out for its table top and central, structural base created in the sophisticated and tactile Nero Belgian Blue finish that mimics the characteristic features of the precious marble of the same name. The base has been enhanced by a bronze coated painted metal moulding. The table comes in two different sizes. Lema is expanding the horizons of the Bulè table by Chiara Andreatti by adding new materials which underline the piece’s soft, generous forms. New additions include the version in reconstructed marble, with a new Candoglia finish, while another version features a base and rotating tray in the new Tideo reconstructed bronze finish, combined with a table top in heat-treated oak. The final new addition, meanwhile, combines a top in heat-treated oak with a base and revolving tray in reconstructed Belgianblue black marble, which is exclusive to Lema. A fusion of Oriental and Western influences, Bulè is the perfect illustration of the increasingly international identity of Lema, for whom the Far East represents the centre of its current expansion activities. Designed with the social and cultural requirements of the Oriental market in mind, it features a rotating tray positioned on the table top, serving as the embodiment of the Oriental food culture, which is heavily centred around sharing and spending time together.

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