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  • Collection: Reaction resin adhesives
  • Type: Tile adhesive
  • Two-component, solvent-free, high performance polyurethane adhesive with very low emission level of volatile organic compounds (VOC) for ceramic and stone tiles WHERE TO USE Bonding ceramic tiles, stone tiles and mosaics on all types of internal and external wall and floor substrates normally used in the building industry such as screeds, render, concrete, cement-fibre panels, gypsum, plasterboard, pre-fabricated gypsum panels, etc. and on particularly difficult substrates such as metal, PVC, polyester, etc. Some application examples • Bonding all types of ceramic tile, stone tile and mosaic in showers and on sheet steel used to make prefabricated bathrooms. • Bonding ceramic and mosaic on wooden work surfaces and kitchen tops. • Bonding ceramic tiles, stone tiles and mosaics on external balconies and terraces, accessible flat roofs and domed roofs. • Bonding recomposed and natural stone, including materials subjected to large movements and dimensional variations in contact with water (class C according to MAPEI internal standards, such as Green Alpine). • Bonding ceramic and stone tiles on substrates subjected to high vibrations and deformation. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Ultrabond Eco PU 2K is a two-component, solvent and water-free, elastic, waterproof adhesive with very low emission level of volatile organic compounds (EMICODE EC1 R Plus) made up of a polyurethane base (component A) and a special catalyser (component B). When the two components are mixed together they form a paste with the following characteristics: • good workability; • excellent durability and resistance to ageing; • perfect adhesion to all types of substrate normally used in the building industry; • hardens by chemical reaction without shrinking to form a tough, strong bond; • high elasticity; • may be applied on vertical surfaces without slumping and without allowing tiles to slip, including large, heavy tiles; • suitable for users allergic to epoxy and epoxypolyurethane products. The slip-resistance of the product complies with EN 12004 standards.

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