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Lema LENNOX | Sofa 2 seater fabric sofa

  • Collection: Lennox
  • Type: 2 seater fabric sofa
  • Materials: Fabric
  • Designers: Gordon Guillaumier
  • Design year: 2017
  • Retro creations with a modern balance is where Lennox two seats sofa originates. The object, designed by Gordon Guillaumier,recalls the welcoming shapes of the namesake lounge chair. This refined design is inspired to an open corolla, suspended into the void, on the light structure in metal in bronze color, which turns into an idea for an elegant and discreet sofa for conversations to share side by side or to relax alone. A private, soft and seductive nest for reading and listening to fine music. A detail that has also inspired its name.  

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Alzate Brianza / Italy

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