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gerflor TARALAY IMPRESSION COMFORT Resilient flooring

  • Collection: Multilayered flooring
  • Type: Resilient flooring
  • Materials: Plastic , PVC
  • Design year: 2017
  • TARALAY IMPRESSION COMFORT is a range of antistatic, acoustic foam backed  vinyl floorcovering available in 2m wide sheet form and offering 18 dB sound  insulation.  The product comprises a Very High Density (VHD) foam reinforced with glass fibre and a printed design that is protected by a transparent wear layer.   TARALAY IMPRESSION COMFORT is treated with Protecsol®, a UV cured surface treatment which facilitates ease of maintenance and eliminates the need for acrylic emulsion (metallisation). TARALAY IMPRESSION COMFORT has anti-static properties (AS Class 1) and incorporates Sanosol®, an anti-bacterial and fungicidal treatment. The new Taralay Impression collection represents the heart of Gerflor's production in printed rolls flooring. We wanted to revolutionize the range through a radical change of decor, replacing more than 65% of the old decorative and color subjects. In practice, apart from some classical wood imitation, we introduced many new textures with fresh, intuitive and original motifs. Along with Kubes, who will with its small windows illuminated on the New York skyline replace the Diversion cult, we introduced the revolutionary Nest, an infinite interlace of lines with different thickness to get a 3D effect. We added the Stars, for those who are not ashamed to dream, the Rise to run into the rain, the Trame weaving a fine silk carpet. Then we revolutionized the concept of classic parquet with a simple but ingenious idea: decorate the wood with arrow geometries and here's the Herringbone. Then Mohair, a damasco sandblasted decoration on cement, than original and delicate woody essences such as Charme and Sycamore. We styled the Italian garden's labyrinths with the Corner and woven the wool in the Gentleman rugs. A fast track on this collection that will certainly not leave you indifferent, but above all it becomes the new archetype for the next generation surfaces.

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