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  • Collection: Hydraulic setting grouts
  • Type: Flooring grout
  • Liquid polymeric additive for Keracolor FF and GG WHERE TO USE Fugolastic is used as a substitute for water, to mix the cement based grouts Keracolor FF and GG, to improve the grout adhesion and mechanical strength and to reduce porosity and absorption. The system is CG2 classified, improved cementitious grout, according to prEN 13888. Some application examples • Grouting façades, balconies, terraces and swimming pools. • Grouting floors subject to heavy traffic, and when it is expected that grouts undergo particular stress. • Repairing old, ruined or badly grouted ceramic tiles. • Grouting floors and walls on particularly flexible substrates (wood, plywood etc.). • Grouting ceramic or glass mosaic floor and wall coverings. • Grouting floors and walls subject to frequent cleaning, also with jet-vapour (gym and swimming pool changing rooms, mess-rooms etc.). • Grouting terracotta floors or other types of tiles to be polished when installing. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Fugolastic is a water dispersion of synthetic polymers, which when mixed with cement based products for grouting ceramic tiles (Keracolor FF or GG) endows them with the following properties: • Improved compactness and greater resistance to abrasion. • Optimal hydration of the cementitious binder and improved adhesion to the edges of the tiles. • Less porosity (when comparing under an electronic microscope, photograph of grouts with Keracolor mixed with water and one mixed with Fugolastic, it can be observed that in the second photogrsphs the needle-shaped cement crystals are covered with a polymer) and less absorption, consequently cleaning the grouts is easier. Fugolastic can be mixed with all Keracolor colours without altering the colour, in fact it fixes the colours permanently.

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