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MAPEI MAPESONIC CR Impact insulation system

  • Collection: Acoustic insulation systems
  • Type: Impact insulation system
  • Thin section soundproofing membrane to combat the noise of footsteps transmitted through floor slabs, applied before laying ceramic, stone, resilient and multi-layered parquet floors. WHERE TO USE Under-floor soundproofing system applied in a thin layer to counteract the transmission of noise through floors caused by footsteps. Mapesonic CR has been specifically developed for application in existing buildings to improve soundproofing without removing the floors and screeds. It is particularly suitable, therefore, for all buildings (residential units, hotels, offices, rest-homes, schools, etc.) under renovation. Some application examples Mapesonic CR may be used: • under resilient floor coverings (PVC, rubber, linoleum); • under multi-layered parquet; • on cement-based substrates; • on old ceramic and stone floors. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Mapesonic CR is manufactured using recomposed cork and rubber bound together with high-quality polyurethane composite. ADVANTAGES • Efficient reduction of noise from footsteps. • Easy and quick installation. • May be applied immediately before laying the floor coverings. • Low thickness. • With very low emission of volatile organic compounds (EMICODE EC1 Plus). • May be applied on heated floors. • Certified according to current standards.

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