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MAPEI MAPESILENT PANEL Sound insulation panel

  • Collection: Acoustic insulation systems
  • Type: Sound insulation panel
  • Materials: Wood , Engineered wood , Polymeric
  • Dry soundproofing system formed by 1 m by 1 m tiles for floating screeds. WHERE TO USE Dry soundproofing system with a reduced thickness (13 mm), to reduce noise transmitted by footsteps between adjacent housing units. Applied on floating screeds before laying all kinds of flooring material (ceramic tiles, stone, resilient and fabric floor coverings, wooden floors, etc.). Mapesilent Panel is applied between the structure and the floating screed. Some application examples Soundproofing all types of floor slabs. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Mapesilent Panel tiles are composed of a bitumen and special polymer-based elasto-plastomeric membrane, sandwiched together with a resilient layer of polyester fibre. Because of its low thickness, Mapesilent Panel has no effect on the final project dimensions and elevations. Also, its high resistance to footsteps and tools dropped accidentally on the layer prevents it being damaged and reducing its soundproofing capacity. Mapesilent Panel offers a simple, reliable and efficient method to form a floating screed which is perfectly insulated from the support structure (floor slab + separating walls). By sandwiching the polymer bitumen membrane with polyester fibres, noises are absorbed and reduced so that certain types of floor slab, including those in the following table, meet the requirements according to current norms and regarding acoustic insulation against noise transmitted by footsteps. Thanks to the higher thickness of the polyester fibre (10 mm), Mapesilent Panel also has the capacity of improving the thermal transmittance value (U) of floor slabs

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