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MAPEI KERAPOXY Two-component acid-resistant epoxy grout

  • Collection: Reaction resin adhesives
  • Type: Two-component acid-resistant epoxy grout
  • Two-component acid-resistant epoxy grout (available in 20 colours) for joints of at least 3 mm. Can also be used as an adhesive. WHERE TO USE Indoor and outdoor grouting of ceramic tile and natural stone floors and walls. Also suitable for acid-resistant bonding and rapid setting of ceramic tiles, stone materials, fibre-cement, concrete and any other building material on all types of substrates normally used in construction. Kerapoxy allows you to create floors, walls and worktops, etc. in compliance with the HACCP system and the requirements of EC Regulation No. 852/2004 regarding hygiene and foodstuffs. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Kerapoxy is a two-component, epoxy-resinbased product with silica sand and special components, with excellent resistance to acids and excellent cleanability.  This is a product with very low emission of volatile organic compounds and is classified Emicode EC1 R Plus by GEV when used for grouting. The following features are obtained when used correctly: • Excellent mechanical and chemical resistance, therefore excellent durability. • A smooth final surface with low water absorption, therefore easy to clean; ensures hygiene. • Easy workability and finishing. • Becomes very hard and is highly resistant to heavy traffic. • No shrinkage, therefore absence of cracks and fissures. • Uniform colours that are resistant to ultra-violet rays and atmospheric agents. • Excellent bonding.

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