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Pol Masip, Postolímpica


Two decades after the Olympic Games hosted by Barcelona, Pol Masip recounts with his photo-essay the archaeological remains of an ephemeral sportive concentration.


Photo-essays / Pol Masip

Postolímpica is a photo essay that claims to understand the contemporary Barcelona as of the architectural heritage of the Olympic Games 1992. Thus, it is a look at a crucial moment that marks a turning point in the history of the city.

In 1986 Barcelona was chosen as the place which had to organize the 1992 Olympic Games and, as in other moments in the past, it used the event to make large-scale changes in the city. The Games supposed a catalyst for a Barcelona that had just walked out of the Spanish Transition.

The Olympic effect was considered a success at first, and even today many other cities still take as an example the “Barcelona model”. In the early 2000s, however, this apparent success is questioned.

Two decades after the Olympic Games, reappears the debate among the intellectuals about the need to find a new city model. It is therefore a moment when it makes sense to review the infrastructures that were the basis of a period of time and are somehow the archaeological remains of an ephemeral sportive concentration.


Pol Masip is a Catalan photographer based in Tarragona, who works between the documentary and landscape fields.