Current Issue: Domus 933




Flavio Albanese. Planetary landscapes

News, events, competitions, projects

Edited by Elena Sommariva

Community Centre in Yangzhou

A micro-village with two different aspects: resembling, from a distance, a traditional building style; and from closer, volumes in unfaced brick with an innovative texture. Design Zhang Lei / AZL architects. Text Alex Pasternack. Photos Iwan Baan

Primary school in Ponzano Veneto

A joyful monument to the power of creativity: enabling children to feel like guests and not prisoners of their schools. Design C+S Associati. Text Fulvio Irace. Photos Alessandra Bello, Carlo Cappai, Pietro Savorelli

Miyajima Office in Hiroshima

An office block developed in an unusual form to optimise the site’s natural energy flows. Design Hiroshi Sambuichi. Text Julian Worrall. Photos Katsuhisa Kida / Fototeca

Ahmed Baba Centre, Timbuktu, Mali

An architecture in clay and concrete evokes the urban texture of the ancient city of Timbuktu. Design DHK Architects (phase 1) Twothink Architecture (phase 2). Text Oana Stanescu. Photos Iwan Baan

School gymnasium in Barberà del Vallès, Spain

The provinces as an effective training ground. Design H Arquitectes. Text Laura Bossi. Photos Adrià Goula

Square house, Karuizawa

From a forest of trees to a forest of columns - a new way to partition off the home. Design Makoto Takei & Chie Nabeshima – TNA Text Cathelijne Nuijsink. Photos Daici Ano

Moderate luxury

The yacht’s interior by Dordoni Architetti adopts an innovative layout, a symbolic homage to Le Corbusier. Design Dordoni Architetti Text Stefano Casciani. Photos Tom Vack

Derek Lam Atelier, SoHo, Ny

The new atelier of the New York fashion designer is built around a long wall that encloses or opens up space. Design, text Solid Objectives – Idenburg Liu. Photos Iwan Baan

Forest of crystals

Marcel Wanders for Baccarat: a collection with a focus on lightness. Design Marcel Wanders Texts Maria Cristina Tommasini, Marcel Wanders. Photos Baccarat

Sunlight lamp

An innovative device for natural light distribution. Design Ross Lovegrove. Text Maria Cristina Tommasini. Photos John Ross

Dal garage al museo

The Altreforme collection suggests a possible evolution of outsourced industries. Design Valentina Fontana, Aziz Sariyer Text Maria Cristina Tommasini. Photos Ezio Manciucca, Francesca Ripamonti

Mutevoli realtà

The search for objects that can express several personalities without losing their original one. Design D.Black & M. Blum, L. Damiani, N. Holger Moormann, P. Malouin, Giulio Manzoni, Adrien Rovero, Stephan Schulz. Text Maria Cristina Tommasini. Photos Jäger & Jäger, Ezio Prandini

I pizzini di Minini

Facts, emotions and memories of meetings with artists interweave in the charming account by an art veteran. Text Massimo Minini

A letter from London

Maureen Paley recalls 30 years of her London, unveiling her world for Domus. Text Maureen Paley

Up there, down there

Lorenza Lucchi Basili implements her emotional appreciation of the space designed by Zaha Hadid in Leipzig. Design, photos Lorenza Lucchi Basili. Text John J. Keller

Can Altay con Asli Kalinoglu

Exercise in Sharing, a special project for Domus. Curated by November Paynter

Macro micro landscapes

Some keywords in a snapshot of the relation between nature and contemporary landscape’s. Graphic design onlab – Nicolas Bourquin, Johanna Klein. Edited by Elena Sommariva. Texts G. Clément, H. Håkansson, J. Ishigami, D. Jakob, B. MacFarlane, P. Pera, R. Reynolds, A. Rocca

Luigi Figini

Greenery in the postwar home was not longer a material of rational design. Text Luigi Spinelli. Photos Archivi Domus

Atlas of conventional design

Inventing western landscape

Edited by Giuseppe Santonocito

Rassegna: Water and energy. New products for the bathroom

Edited by Maria Cristina Tommasini