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Altough surfing is considered to be a positive philosophy connected to nature, the industry behind it has been producing heavily unsustainable boards, that pollute the oceans worldwide.




Shaping a sustainable digital democracy

While traditional technology has always led to the retrofitted type of city development, digital technology is an opportunity that we can actively seize to create built-in futurism.


Design / Dan Hill

REcycle bicycles

REcycle, an artisanal workshop, based in Modena, Italy, produces steel cargo bikes, totally customised in shape and colour, also recycling mountain bike frames.




Bamboo sports hall

Chiangmai Life Architect’s Bamboo Sports Hall in Chiang Mai, Thailand, combines modern organic design, 21st century engineering and a natural material – bamboo.




Taihi compost

Inspired by a Japanese technique that singles out a natural fertilizer from compost waste, Ben Cullis Watson designed an indoor smell-free, easy to clean trash bin.




An optimal use of local materials and the reuse of existing resources has led the construction of a sustainable retirement house in India, designed by unTAG studio within a dense grove of mangoes.