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Mood Media Italia develops cutting-edge solutions to rethink the commercial experience at 360°, creating new connections between companies and customers.

Since the nineteenth century, the world of retail has undergone many transformations: from the aesthetics of spaces to the services offered to customers, from shop window design to payment methods.

In this last period – and especially with the advent of the recent pandemic – it is interesting to note how digital has once again changed our habits and the way we buy, even if brick and mortar remains a central model in the world of commerce.

For shops to be able to meet the new challenges of the contemporary world – from the hybridisation of online physical experience to the adoption of eco-sustainable practices – new and transversal skills are needed, as well as an increasing focus on sustainability and the circularity of economies, processes and materials.

This is the approach promoted by Mood Media Italia, the subsidiary of Mood Media Corporation / Vector Capital led by Lorenzo Fragola, which works with Cristiana Fragola on issues related to sustainability and the circular economy.

Mood Media offers its know-how to companies of all sizes that want to increase the efficiency of their physical spaces by implementing new technologies and innovative solutions that improve the customer experience: audiovisual, audio, olfactory, social and technological.

Excellent examples have been the collaborations with LG for the LAEB 136" series and with Vodvisual for the Vivid MicroLED series. Mood Media also works with recognised musicians such as Davide Dileo - aka Boosta - in the field of binaural psychoacoustics. These skills are then applied to the world of spas and wellness to create unique experiences.

LED visual solutions: P10 Transparent LED 12 sqm

In October 2021 an impressive LED Transparent installation will be inaugurated in Rome, which Mood Media Italia has created in collaboration with Italware.

As far as sustainability is concerned, Mood Media collaborates with Design Conformity, a brand that certifies the quality and sustainability of interior design, and in Italy it relies on the Ecolight consortium to manage the disposal of obsolete, inefficient and energy-consuming electronic equipment.

LED visual solutions: P10 Italware
Mood Media Italia
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