Institute for Provocation di Pechino
The MAXXI Special

All kinds of stories

Over the next two months MAXXI will be staging a series of events that range from design storytelling, art films and the relationship between architecture and photography. To complete the programme is an installation by Beijing collective, the Institute for Provocation, called “The Independent”, that focuses on spaces for independent thinking.

The Stories of Design

Prominent figures from the world of design talk about what it means today to go through education, identify a great talent, develop a research project.

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Obiettivo Architettura

A series of events at MAXXI dedicated to the multi-faceted relationship between architecture and art photography continues with three evening appointments in November and December.

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Artist Film Stories

Director Marco Bertozzi and academic Sandra Lischi continue the series of lectures dedicated to Italian film and video from the 1960s through to the present day.

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Space Odyssey

The installation by the international collective, the Beijing Institute for Provocation continues the programme The Independent, focusing on spaces for independent thought.

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