AAU Anastas

Local Industries: producing furniture with Palestinian artisans

From their Bethlehem office, architects Elias and Yousef Anastas rethink local design, leaving nostalgia behind and focusing strongly on interaction with the manufacturing community.

Opinion Opinion

Marco Petroni

Parasite 2.0 welcomes us to Westopia

“Westopia” by Parasite 2.0 feeds on the impossibility to determine an imaginary, signalling how the attraction of various concepts produced by the Western world have in fact generated a sequence of tragedies.

Future is design, la giuria al lavoro

Future is Design

From 28 September to 15 October 2017 Faenza will be hosting the XII edition of the “National Arts Prize 2017 – Design section”, entitled Future is Design, organised by ISIA of Faenza and promoted by MIUR.

The heart of a Clima Hotel

The Mountain Design Hotel EdenSelva, designed by  Paolo de Martin and Sarah Gasparotto on the Alps, has obtained the CasaClima Class A certification also thanks to Viessmann’s system.