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Ecoweek in Tilburg

Ecoweek Tilburg 2017, in collaboration with Avans University of Applied Sciences, promotes environmental awareness by organising meetings and design and construction workshops, through cutting-edge experimentation with age-old construction technologies.


Architecture / Maria Luisa Palumbo


The classroom with Burden

Paola Nicolin recounts how the “Piero Golia Diego Perrone on Chris Burden” project was born, and then talks about inter-generational dialogue, contemporay art languages and artists talking to each other.  




To strengthen real encounters in times of hyperconnectivity, TAAT created an interactive installation under the concept “theatre as architecture”. 




Etsy headquarters

With a strong commitment to sustainability, regenerative ecosystems, reuse and shared communities, Gensler unveiled the new Etsy headquarters in NY.




Old furniture in Paris

For some days Martino Gamper reinvents old pieces of furniture, out-of-order lamps and clocks and fabric remnants at the Chapel saint-Louis des Gobelins in Paris.



The workshop of dreams

A palenthologist, a novel writer, a chef and a the director of the Pritzker Architecture Prize paired with four Spanish designers for a collection in wood.