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Furnishing Utopia, II

The Shaker Design Project is back again with new pieces that reinterpret the Shakers’, often credited as the first minimalists who have inspired countless designers all over the world.




The utopia of utopia and the Design Biennale

An initial appraisal of the recent London Design Biennale curated by Christopher Turner: from the most convincing concepts, to the fitting dimension of Somerset House.


Design / Domitilla Dardi

Design Diorama

At the London Design Biennale Studio Makkink & Bey was invited by Het Nieuwe Instituut to interpret its personal view of utopia, translated as an ever changing archive.




White Flag

Observing the ‘cannibal’ intrinsic aspect of utopias, the Italian pavilion at the London Design Biennale suggests a global surrender, a white flag to be interpreted.




Utopia by Design

The London Design Biennale opens for the first time at the Somerset House with pavilions from over 37 countries and territories, exploring today’s declinations of “Utopia”.



Fjordfiesta: Krobo

Fjordfiesta Furniture, in collaboration Utopia Retro Modern, re-launched Krobo, the multi-purpose bench designed in 1960 by Torbjørn Afdal, with a restilyng made by Anderssen & Voll.