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Poly villa

Designed by Farming Architecture in South Korea, the Poly villa makes an active use of ambivalent spaces where the interior meets the exterior and boundaries are inverted.




Villa Rypen

Situated on the edge of a forest in Aarhus, the single-storey house by C.F. Møller Architects extends its terraces to reach out to the forest’s tall trees, and also to the garden.



The Bookcase apartment

Nook Architects designed the house of a writer in Barcelona, with a built-in bookcase for her private collection and with rooms placed around a large patio that looks over the Boqueria market.




Blackbirds housing

Nestled in Los Angeles hills, the Blackbirds units designed by Barbara Bestor are a proposal for quality dense housing in a city with little available land, where community and native landscape encounter.




Min Hwi Jeong

Designed by Korean studio On Architecture near Seoul, the mixed-use building features concrete cube blocks as a screen device on the residential side, to secure privacy.



Kapor Center

Fougeron Architecture’s renovation of an office building in Oakland blends high-tech and humanism, featuring open spaces that encourage collaboration and camaraderie, as well as flexibility.