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Resin and brass collection

To be presented at the ICFF in New York, Martha Sturdy’s resin and brass pieces reflect her eye for modern simplicity inspired by the natural world.




Schlickeysen bricks

Inspired by the German machinery manufacturer Carl Schlickeysen who first patented the Brickmaking machine, Enorme Studio created a colourful furniture system.



Echo tables

Blending metal and wood, the Echo table collection by UUfie studio is an experimental project that plays with the interaction between materials and shapes.




Aldo Cibic: Lou

The new collection of Aldo Cibic for Venini is a hybrid object in between a lamp and a vase, manufactured with the ancient technique of the milk-white opal glass.




Mass Tables

Mixing cork leftovers and plaster, Odd Matter Studio designed a series of lightweight tables with terrazzo-like finishings, on show at the Aybar Gallery in Miami.



Atelier Biagetti: God

“God” by the Atelier Biagetti duo is the third instalment of a coherent and unified project enshrining an implacable and irreverent vision of contemporary society. #MDW2017


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