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Look! Look! Look!

Look! Look! Look! sees a striking sculptural pavilion created by artists Heather and Ivan Morison take centre stage at the Berrington Hall in Herefordshire.




Stimuli tableware

Studio Jinhyun Jeon designed a tableware collection called Stimuli inspired by the neurological phenomenon where stimulus to one sense can affect one or more of the others.



Salaka vase

Murano master glassmakers gave shape to the new Salaka vase collection by Amsterdam-based designer Satyendra Pakhalé: generous in its form and complex in making.




Walala x Play

Walala x Play welcomes visitors to explore and enjoy a labyrinthine network of corridors and enclosed spaces in a “temple of wonder” created by Walala Studio.




House JRv2

The house realized by Studio de.materia lies on the edge of a natural reserve near Poznań, Poland, with the living area that is immersed in the descending terrain.



Best of Africa

A series of projects, interviews and exhibitions offer an insight into African cultural scene.