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Stanford residencies

Wide courtyards with palm trees, fountains and art pieces are the core of the new Stanford University’s residential building, designed by Mexican firm Legorreta.




Mill Junction

Completed in almost one year, Mill Junction is a low cost and energy efficient student residence manufactured using preexisting silos and containers.



Architecture / Marco Svara

Philéas: school campus

Philéas designed in the new ZAC of Cardinet-Chalabre a school group and student housing highly graphic, contemporary and playful, compact and airy at the same time.


Architecture / Sergio Grazia


Normal: Nikbor Hostel

Normal Estudio designed an hostel and student residence inside a stately building overlooking the Jardinets de Gracia, at the top of Paseo de Gracia.


News / Pegenaute


Sharing Blocks: University Housing

For this colourful university housing complex in the south of Spain, Guallart Architects propose three diverse typologies and scales of shared spaces.



Stephane Malka: Ame-Lot

The French architect's study for a student residence reuses wooden pallets, creating a new skin for an old building.